Dr Hagemeier services

A full range of MRI and CT services is

Spiral computed tomography
(Spiral-CT 64 lines)

  • Head, base of skull with middle and inner ear
  • Face with paranasal sinuses
  • Soft neck tissues, thorax and
    HRCT ( high resolution CT) of the lung
  • Abdomen, pelvis
  • Spine with intervertebral space, joints and other parts of the skeleton
  • CT-angiography

Magnetic resonance imaging
(MRI 1.5 Tesla)

  • Head, orofacial and soft neck
  • Whole spine with spinal cord, iliosacral joints
  • Joints (hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist etc.) and extremities
  • Thorax and mediastinum
  • Abdomen with MR-cholangio-
    pancreatography (MRCP), pelvis
  • MR-angiography, MR-myelography

Our equipment satisfies the highest standards of imaging quality and diagnostic accuracy.